Publications in Scientific Journals:

S. Radel:
"Influence of biomass, throughput and true electric power input on the separation efficiency of a 60 mL acoustic filter\";
Elektrotechnik & Informationstechnik, 126 (2009), 51 - 57.

English abstract:
A close-to-production separation system was used to assess the influence of certain process parameters on the separation performance of an acoustic filter based on the Ultrasonically Enhanced Settling technique. Measurements of the cell concentration of the first 80 mL of yeast suspension that left the filter were conducted at various throughputs and true electrical power inputs. Moreover, the number of cells/mL was ranging over two orders of magnitude. Results delivered an upper limit for the true electrical power input from which an increase does not improve the separation efficiency and a lower threshold of cells/mL below which too less cells were available for the principle to work.\

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