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G. Schmid, W. Leeb, G. Langer:
"Experimental Demonstration of the Robustness Against Interference of Optical Interconnects on Printed Circuit Boards";
Talk: IEEE Winter Topicals 2010, Majorca, Spain; 01-11-2010 - 01-13-2010; in: "2010 IEEE Photonics Society Winter Topicals Meeting Series", IEEE, CFP10WTM-CDR (2010), ISBN: 978-1-4244-5241-5; Paper ID MC3.4, 2 pages.

English abstract:
Printed circuit boards with two-photon absorption
inscribed waveguides have been developed. We show very low
crosstalk when transmitting data simultaneously on closely
spaced waveguides and high robustness against electromagnetic

Two-Photon-Absorption, Optical Interconnect, Printed Circuit Board

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