Talks and Poster Presentations (with Proceedings-Entry):

V. Kropf, M. Zeppelzauer, S. Hahn, D. Mitrovic:
"First Steps Towards Digital Formalism: The Vienna Vertov Collection";
Talk: Digital Tools in Film Studies, Siegen; 2007-06-18 - 2007-06-19; in: "Digital Tools in Media Studies", transcript, (2009), ISBN: 9783837610239; 117 - 131.

English abstract:
“Digital Formalism: The Vienna Vertov Collection” aims at a computer-aided analysis of the films of Soviet avant-garde filmmaker Dziga Vertov (1896 – 1954). Besides the development of tools for the digital analysis of films by Vertov, the project focuses on describing the function of cinematic elements in Vertov’s work in relation to film form and the perception of the cinematic: what specific cinematic elements affect the audio, visual, haptic, and synaesthetic aspects of perception and how can innovative, high-level media analysis help identify, describe, and analyse (contextualise) these. The collaboration between science (media engineers) and the arts (media researchers) produces an interdisciplinary approach exploring the integration of film theory, advanced digital technology, and conservational/museological principles. The participating institutions include the University of Vienna’s Department for Theatre, Film, and Media Studies, the Austrian Film Museum, and the Interactive Media Systems Group at the Vienna University of Technology. The Vertov Collection preserved at the Austrian Film Museum forms the material for analysis.

Film Analysis

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