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R. Barta, C. Grün:
"Geo-Semantic Time Series for Tourism Applications";
Talk: European Semantic Technology Conference 2009, Wien; 2009-12-02 - 2009-12-03.

English abstract:
Future semantically-enhanced tourism information systems will be very dynamic. All dynamic data can be organized into time sequences, i.e. sequences of values, each value not only carrying a core message, but also some circumstantial information (when, how, where). Our pro-
posed approach is not only to represent these time sequences within a semantic network store. More importantly we demonstrate how to use an appropriate functional language, Formula 3, to com-
pute new time sequences based on existing ones. These transformations can be time aggregations, but they can also include the underlying semantic network. Newly derived values then mark the
emergence of events which can be reported back into the application code.

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