Publications in Scientific Journals:

R. Obermaisser, H. Kopetz, S. Kuster:
"GENESYS (GENeric Embedded SYStem) - A Candidate for an ARTEMIS Cross-Domain Reference Architecture for Embedded Systems";
ARTEMIS Magazine, 5 (2009), 32 - 34.

English abstract:
The emergence of the FP7 GENESYS Project is based on the challenges defined by the ARTEMIS Working Group on Reference Designs and Architectures. The GENESYS project resulted in the blueprint for a cross-domain architecture, which is a candidate for the ARTEMIS reference architecture for embedded systems. The ARTEMIS project INDEXYS is the first step to the industrial implementations of cross-domain architectural concepts developed in the GENESYS project. Examples of envisioned future research activities include the realisation of GENESYS in a Multi-Processor-System-on-a-Chip (MPSoC) and the instantiation of the GENESYS development methodology.

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