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R. Kirner:
"Towards Automatic Verification of Structural Code-Coverage Preservation";
Talk: Timing Analysis and Symbolic Computation, TASCo 2009, Wien; 2009-02-04 - 2009-02-05; in: "Timing Analysis and Symbolic Computation, TASCo 2009", (2009), 1 pages.

English abstract:
Embedded Systems are ofen used in safty-critical environments. Thus, thorough testing of them is mandatory. To achieve a required structural code-coverage criterion it is beneficial to derive the test data at a higher program-representation level than machine code. Higher program-representation levels include, besides the source-code level, languages of domain-specific modeling environments with automatic code generation. This enables for a testing framework with automatic test-data generation to achieve high retargetability. Within the project "Sustaining Entire Code-Coverage on Code Optimization" (SECCO) we address the challenge of ensuring that the structural code coverage achieved at a higher program representation level is preserved during the code generations and code transformations down to machine code [1,2]. We define the formal properties that have to be fulfilled by a code transformation to guarantee preservation of structural code coverage. Based on these properties we will formalize code transformations to automatically prove whether a given code coverage preserves the code coverage of interest.

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