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Ph. Leitner, A. Michlmayr, F. Rosenberg, S. Dustdar:
"Selecting Web Services Based on Past User Experiences";
Talk: 2009 IEEE Asia-Pacific Services Computing Conference (IEEE APSCC 2009), Biopolis, Singapore; 2009-12-07 - 2009-12-11; in: "2009 IEEE Asia-Pacific Services Computing Conference (IEEE APSCC 2009)", IEEE, (2009), ISBN: 978-1-4244-5336-8; 205 - 212.

English abstract:
Since the Internet of Services (IoS) is becoming reality,
there is an inherent need for novel service selection mechanisms,
which work in spite of large numbers of alternative
services and take the user-centric nature of services in the
IoS into account. One way to do this is to incorporate feedback
from previous service users. However, practical issues
such as trust aspects, interaction contexts or synonymous
feedbacks have to be taken into account. In this paper
we discuss a service selection mechanism which makes
use of structured and unstructured feedback to capture
the Quality of Experience that services have provided in
the past. We have implemented our approach within the
SOA runtime VRESCO, where we use freeform tags for
unstructured and numerical ratings for structured user
feedback. We discuss the general process of feedback-based
service selection, and explain how the problems described
above can be tackled. We conclude the paper with an
illustrative case study and discussion of the presented

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