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M. Arends, D. Goldfarb, W. Merkl, M. Weingartner:
"Mobile Devices in a Museum Environment";
Vortrag: The Second International Workshop on Information Technology and Tourism and Open Mobile Networks San Sebastian, Spain, San Sebastian (eingeladen); 19.11.2009 - 20.11.2009.

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We describe selected projects related to the utilisation of mobile devices for the interaction between a museum and its visitors. The transition from providing conventional audio guides to multimedia guides that can be accessed with mobile devices benefits both the museum and the visitor. For the museum, additional information regarding the interest of the visitor can be gained. Moreover, even the path of a visitor and her relative length of stay in front of an artefact can provide valuable information for future exhibits. For the visitor the additional benefit is to receive detailed background information regarding museum artefacts. The usage of multimedia information can add to increase the overall satisfaction of a museum visit.

mobile devices, museum, multimedia guide, location-based

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Projektleitung Wolfdieter Merkl:
Die virtuelle 3D Erlebniswelt Museum

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