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M. Antonescu, M. Guttenbrunner, A. Rauber:
"Documenting a Virtual World - A Case Study in Preserving Scenes from Second Life";
Talk: The 9th International Web Archiving Workshop (IWAW 2009), Corfu, Greece; 2009-09-30 - 2009-10-01; in: "The 9th International Web Archiving Workshop (IWAW 2009) Proceedings", (2009), 5 pages.

English abstract:
In addition to the World Wide Web, other platforms have
emerged on the Internet that are being used by communities
to provide and exchange information. One family of such
platforms are virtual worlds, which - like the Web - offer
themselves for information exchange, e-commerce transactions
and social interaction. While web data is successfully
being collected and archived, the challenges met when trying
to archive aspects from virtual worlds are significant.
This paper describes an approach to archive information
from virtual worlds, presenting a case study based on Second
Life. We present a sociologically based alternative to
the more technically-minded solutions aiming at preserving
the very artifacts existing within virtual worlds. Our solution
is based on creating an extension to the user viewport
that will be used to record visual information, either in captured
still images or movies, the same way a cinematographer
would record a documentary movie. Using a combination
of scripting commands within Second Life and third
party image recording tools, we can give visual coverage of
specified areas of interest within Second Life.

Second Life, Digital Preservation, Migration, Web Archiving

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