N. Walchhofer, K. Fröschl, B. Dippelreiter, H. Werthner, M. Pöttler:
"Semamo: An Approach To Semantic Market Monitoring";
Information Technology & Tourism, 11 (2009), 3; S. 197 - 210.

Kurzfassung englisch:
The aim of the research project SEMAMO (Semantic Market Monitoring) is to make use of the
increasingly growing information available at web-based sales and marketing channels for market
research. This is accomplished by using semiautomatic analyses in combination with semantic
domain models, where the latter guide the statistical processing flow and the statistical results feed
back to the domain model. SEMAMO is based on the assumption that the Web may serve as a
"picture" of the reality and that the respective online channels map-in an accurate and timely
manner-market developments in terms of product descriptions, distribution, promotions, and
price developments. In this article we describe the background as well as the general approach and
report on our first results.

Tourism markets; Information extraction; Market monitoring; Semantic systems

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