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K. Fröschl, R. Baumgartner, N. Walchhofer, M. Hronsky, M. Pöttler:
"Semantic Online Tourism Market Monitoring";
Talk: 17th ENTER eTourism Conference, Lugano, Switzerland; 2010-02-10 - 2010-02-12; in: "Proceedings of the International Conference in Lugano", Springer Wien/New York, (2010), ISBN: 9783211994061; 629 - 640.

English abstract:
SEMAMO (SEmantic MArket MOnitoring) is a research project seeking to make use of the increasingly growing information available at Web-based sales and marketing channels for continuous market research. Assuming that online channels indeed mirror salient market developments faithfully, SEMAMO implements a nearly fully automatic adaptive data capture and analysis process delivering customer-defined market reports on demand. The paper describes the SEMAMO concept and exemplifies the functionality and utility of the approach in the domain of e-tourism, with a focus on the type of reports and visualisations the prototype, albeit still being under development, can deliver based on real-world data.

market research, online market intelligence, semantic technologies, e-tourism

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