T. Lidy, Carlos Silla, O. Cornelis, F. Gouyon, A. Rauber, Celso Kaestner, Alessandro Koerich:
"On the Suitability of State-of-the-art Music Information Retrieval Methods for Analyzing, Categorizing, Structuring and Accessing Non-Western and Ethnic Music Collections";
Signal Processing, 90 (2010), 4; S. 1032 - 1048.

Kurzfassung englisch:
With increasing amounts of music being available in digital form, research in music information retrieval has turned into a dominant field to support organization of and easy access to large collections of music. Yet, most research is focussed traditionally on Western music, mostly in the form of mastered studio recordings. This leaves the question whether current music information retrieval approaches can also be applied to collections of non-Western and in particular ethnic music with completely different characteristics and requirements. In this work we analyse the performance of a range of automatic audio description algorithms on three music databases with distinct characteristics, specifically a Western music collection used previously in research benchmarks, a collection of Latin American music with roots in Latin American culture, but following Western tonality principles, as well as a collection of field recordings of ethnic African music. The study quantitatively shows the advantages and shortcomings of different feature representations extracted from music on the basis of classification tasks, and presents an approach to visualize, access and interact with ethnic music collections in a structured way.

Ethnic music; Latin music; Non-Western music; Audio analysis; Music information retrieval; Classification; Access; Self-Organizing Map

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