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I. Wagner, W. Broll, G. Jacucci, K. Kuutti, R. McCall, A. Morrison, D. Schmalstieg, J. Terrin:
"On the Role of Presence in Mixed Reality";
Presence: Teleoperators and Virtual Environments, 18 (2009), 4; 249 - 276.

English abstract:
Previous paradigms for Presence research were primarily established in the context of Virtual Reality (VR). The objective of this paper is to introduce a new agenda for research on Presence suitable for the domain of Mixed Reality (MR). While established assumptions and methods of Presence research from VR are applicable to MR experiences, we argue that they are not necessarily meaningful or informative. Specifically, a shift of attention is needed away from psycho-physiological studies coming from a laboratory experiment tradition, towards an ecological-cultural approach that is applicable in real world situations and relies on ethnographic rather than fully controlled methods. We give a series of examples taken from the work on the European integrated research project IPCity, and discuss the implications of our findings.

Presence, Mixed Reality

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