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U. Ritzinger, M. Prandtstetter, G. Raidl:
"Computing optimized stock (re-)placements in last-in, first-out warehouses";
Talk: Logistik Management, Hamburg, Deutschland; 2009-09-02 - 2009-09-04; in: "Logistik Management", (2009), ISBN: 978-3-7908-2361-5; 279 - 298.

English abstract:
Within this work, we focus on the optimization of storage location
assignments arising in warehouses with storage locations applying
a last-in, rst-out throughput policy. The sequence of goods to be stored
is, however, not entirely known such that for each item the currently best
storage location has to be identi ed almost immediately. Caused by this
imperfect data and by stock removals concurrently performed it is necessary
to apply relocation operations from time to time, which might range
from a few operations to relocations lasting a working day depending on
the workload of the warehousemen. For this purpose we propose an ad
hoc stocking strategy as well as a storage relocation strategy based on
variable neighborhood descent. Supported by experimental tests we compare
variants of our approaches with each other and with formerly used
stocking strategies showing that the number of con
icts could be significantly
reduced by the proposed approach. Furthermore, an application
of the relocation strategy can signi cantly improve warehouse states obtained
due to imperfect stocking strategies, concurrently performed stock
removals and insu cient information on production sequences.

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