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D. Gallego, S. Hofferberth, Thorsten Schumm, P. Krüger, H.-J. Schmiedmayer:
"Optical lattice on an atom chip";
Optics Letters, 34 (2009), 22; 3463 - 3465.

English abstract:
Optical dipole traps and atom chips are two very powerful tools for the quantum manipulation of neutral
atoms. We demonstrate that both methods can be combined by creating an optical lattice potential on an
atom chip. A red-detuned laser beam is retroreflected using the atom chip surface as a high-quality mirror,
generating a vertical array of purely optical oblate traps. We transfer thermal atoms from the chip into the
lattice and observe cooling into the two-dimensional regime. Using a chip-generated Bose-Einstein condensate,
we demonstrate coherent Bloch oscillations in the lattice.

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