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G. Requena, G. Garces, M. Rodriguez, T. Pirling, P. Cloetens:
"3D Architecture and load partition in eutectic Al-Si alloys";
Advanced Engineering Materials, 11 (2009), 12; 1007 - 1014.

English abstract:
The changes of the three dimensional architecture of a eutectic AlSi12 alloy during heat treatment are revealed by means of synchrotron holotomography. The non-destructive nature of the holotomography technique allows to analyze the same volumes in different thermal conditions. The results show a disintegration of the interconnected eutectic Si-lamellae into isolated elongated particles. The load carrying capacity of both types of Si morphologies is studied by in situ neutron diffraction during compression tests. The experimental results are compared to those obtained using a micromechanical model developed for metal matrix composites based on a homogenization approach. The correlation between experiments and calculations show that the interconnectivity of Si must be considered to account for the strength exhibited by the eutectic alloy. The present study bridges the gap between the already available two-dimensional studies of architecture and properties of the binary AlSi12 alloy and new three-dimensional studies of more complex systems based on this alloy.

German abstract:
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alsi alloys, holotomography, neutron diffraction, internal stresses

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