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D. Blaschke, E. Kronberger, A. Rofner, M. Schweda, R. Sedmik, M. Wohlgenannt:
"On the Problem of Renormalizability in Non-Commutative Gauge Field Models - A Critical Review";
Fortschritte der Physik, 58 (2010), 364 - 372.

English abstract:
When considering quantum field theories on non-commutative spaces one inevitably encounters the infamous UV/IR mixing problem. So far, only very few renormalizable models exist and all of them describe non-commutative scalar field theories on four-dimensional Euclidean Groenewold-Moyal deformed space, also known as `theta-deformed space'. In this work we discuss some major obstacles of constructing a renormalizable non-commutative gauge field model and sketch some possible ways out.

non-commutative gauge field theory, renormalization techniques

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