Publications in Scientific Journals:

K. Igenbergs, J. Schweinzer, F. Aumayr:
"Atomic-orbital close-coupling calculations of Be4+ + H(1s) -> Be3+(nl) + H+";
Journal of Physics: Conference Series, 194 (2009), 082022.

English abstract:
Synopsis The atomic-orbital close-coupling (AOCC) method was used to calculate charge exchange cross sections
relevant in nuclear fusion research. Here, we present calculations of fully stripped Be ions colliding with H(1s) in
the energy range of 1..1000 keV/amu. We sketch how we determined an optimized description of this collisional
system, compare with previous data and present derived emission cross sections which are used when evaluating
data from charge exchange recombination spectroscopy (CXRS) in fusion experiments.

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