Publications in Scientific Journals:

R. Bereczky, G. Kowarik, C. Lemaignan, F. Aumayr, K. Tökési:
"Transmission of 4.5 keV Ar9+ ions through a single glass macrocapillary";
Journal of Physics: Conference Series, 194 (2009), 1320191.

English abstract:
Synopsis Recently, we were able to show the validity of the so-called guiding e®ect of highly charged ions, known
from insulating nanocapillaries, up to a macroscopic length-scale of straight capillaries. The self-organized forma-
tion of charge-patches leads to a guiding electric Żeld inside the glass capillary, causing stable transmission after
a charge-up period. Our early investigations were mainly focused onto the quasi-static transmission behaviour.
In this contribution we are going to present further systematic data on the quasi-stable transmission regime as
well as the time-evolution of the transmission.

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