Publications in Scientific Journals:

W. Meissl, R. Ginzel, R. Heller, A.S. El-Said, G. Kowarik, C. Vasko, C. Gösselsberger, R. Ritter, B. Solleder, M. Simon, S. Facsko, J.R. Crespo López-Urrutia, C. Lemell, R. Papaléo, W. Möller, J. Ullrich, J. Burgdörfer, F. Aumayr:
"Potential energy - induced nanostructuring of insulator surfaces by impact of slow, very highly charged ions";
Journal of Physics: Conference Series, 194 (2009), 132027-1.

English abstract:
Synopsis We have recently shown that the impact of individual slow highly charged ions is able to induce
permanent nano-sized hillocks on the surface of a CaF2 single crystal. The experimentally observed threshold of the
projectile ion potential energy necessary for hillock formation could be linked to a solid-liquid phase transition
(nano-melting). In this contribution we report on similar nano-sized surface modifications as a result of the potential
energy of impacting highly charged ions for other surfaces.

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