Scientific Reports:

T. Gschwandtner, K. Kaiser, S. Miksch, A. Seyfang:
"ReMINE Internal Deliverable -- Second Release of the Adverse Risk Management Support System";
2009; 65 pages.

English abstract:
In recent years sophisticated approaches have been developed in order to permit computerized processing and visualizing of clinical practice guidelines. Two major challenges of the visualization of clinical guidelines are (1) to properly support the time-oriented process of treatment plans, and (2) to properly represent the multidimensional information spaces pertaining to a patient's condition. For both tasks a variety of Information Visualization techniques have been developed; however, visualizing the various interdependencies between the execution of a treatment plan and the patient's condition is still a largely unresolved task. This deliverable deals with the analysis of requirements to visualise treatment processes, patient data, and combinations of both, with a focus on satisfying the requirements of the ReMINE project. It contains furthermore a comprehensive survey of existing visualization approaches dealing with these aspects as well as a critical review of these approaches. Subsequently, we introduce a first draft of the interactive visualization especially tailored towards the needs of the ReMINE project together with an outline of the interactive mechanisms. Moreover, we give a detailed discussion on design decisions.

Information Visualization, Clinical Practice Guidelines, Medical Informatics

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