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M. Reiter, M. Malik, Ch. Heinzl, D. Salaberger, E. Gröller, H. Lettenbauer, J. Kastner:
"Improvement of X-Ray image acquisition using a GPU based 3DCT simulation tool";
Talk: International Conference on Quality Control by Artificial Vision, Wels; 2009-05-27 - 2009-05-29.

English abstract:
This paper presents a simulation tool for industrial X-Ray computed tomography (CT) systems which is able to predict the results of real measurements. Such a prediction helps the technician in measurement technology to minimize artefacts by using optimal measurement parameters and therefore it helps to get more accurate results. The presented simulation software offers an implementation for CPU´s and GPU´s. The performance difference between these implementa-tions is shown, for a specific test part. Furthermore a parameter variation has been carried out, to illustrate the influence of the acquisition settings. We use a multi-image view tool to compare and evaluate the acquired dataset series which contains CT data gained with different X-Ray source voltages and a different number of projections.

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