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D. Adam, I. Paulmichl:
"Innovative hybride ground improvement and deep foundation concept for the CCPP Malzenice (Slovakia)";
Vortrag: 9th International Geotechnical Conference, Bratislava (eingeladen); 01.06.2009 - 02.06.2009; in: "Geotechnical Monitoring", Proceedings/STU Bratislava, Institute for Geotechnics, Bratislava, Technical University (2009), ISBN: 978-80-227-3057-0; S. 59 - 68.

Kurzfassung englisch:
E.ON Elektrarne, s.r.o., the in Trakovice based subsidiary of E.ON Kraftwerke GmbH in Hannover, Germany, is constructing a 400 MW gas fired combined cycle power plant at Malzenice, in the western part of Slovakia. Based on a detailed investigation of the ground conditions at the site of the planned power plant an innovative foundation concept has been developed. The so called hybride foundation combines stabilization of the soil beneath the base slab of the individual structures of the power plant (ground improvement) and the deep dynamic replacement method to produce pile-linke bearing elements in the form of stone columns and grouted stone columns and to improve the soil deeply (deep foundation and deep soil improvement). The principle of the recommended foundation measures and the foundation works including the quality assurance are presented in the following paper.

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