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D. Li, D. Anghelina, D. Burzic, W. Krieger, E. Kozeschnik:
"Investigation of Decarburization in Spring Steel Production Process - Part II: Simulation";
Steel Research International, 80 (2009), 4; 304 - 310.

English abstract:
In part I of this paper, the decarburization and oxidation behavior of spring steel during simulated thermal cycles resembling the conventional production process have been investigated experimentally. In part II, the results obtained from part I are studied theoretically and numerically by various computational methods. The phenomena discussed in this study include the influence of composition on phase transformation and on diffusion behavior of carbon, decarburization process calculations by simulations of diffusion controlled phase transformations with the software DICTRA, and the development of a simple integrated model to describe simultaneously the decarburization and oxidation kinetics. The simulations show good agreement with experimental results. Moreover, the simulation methodologies can be used to optimize processing parameters and steel composition.

decarburization, oxidation, spring steel, simulation

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