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S.M. Yousefi, R. Heuer:
"Structural vibration control by means of nonlinear pendulum dampers";
PAMM - Proceedings in Applied Mathematics and Mechanics, 8 (2008), 2 pages.

English abstract:
This paper discusses the application of a nonlinear Pendulum Tuned Mass Damper (PTMD) for the reduction of structural vibrations. Pendulum dynamic absorbers are used extensively to reduce the vibration level of slender elastic structures such as towers. A PTMD is a device consisting of a suspended mass, and a damper that is attached to the tower in order to reduce its dynamic response. The primary eigenfrequency of the nonlinear damper is tuned to a particular structural frequency.
Energy is dissipated by the damping force acting on the structure. Here, the PTMD is applied to a tower as a continuous system consisting of distributed mass and elasticity. The optimum values of PTMD parameters are found based on minimization of the response of the tower tip-point. Time history and frequency domain responses for the tower with PTMD in linear and nonlinear condition are compared. In addition, the equations of motion of active pendulum control are intruduced.

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