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G. Fitzpatrick, R. Fleck:
"Teachers' and Tutor's Social Reflection around SenseCam Images";
International Journal of Human-Computer Studies, 67 (2009), 12; 1024 - 1036.

English abstract:
As photographic technologies continue to develop, so too do the social practices surrounding their use. The focus of this paper is on
the social practices surrounding images captured from a new photographic device-SenseCam-which, rather than capturing individual
images when triggered by the user, automatically captures a series of images. This paper is concerned with the use of SenseCam digital
images in social contexts where there is a professional purpose-supporting the collaborative reflective practices of school teachers and
university tutors as part of their professional development. Analysis of video data collected from 16 in-situ case studies of reflective
discussions shows evidence that reflection took place as defined in the literature. Further the phototalk around SenseCam images was
found to benefit reflection in these social situations through promotion of a rich shared understanding of the lesson context: supporting
return to the experience, sharing of background context, grounding conversations, illustrating and providing evidence, and allowing
people to see more. The paper concludes with a discussion on how different features of SenseCam images, such as variable quality, lack
of audio and incompleteness, helped in this reflection or not. Finally implications from this work and participantīs comments are used to
suggest ways in which SenseCam may be used in the future in teachersī and tutorsī social reflection.

SenseCam; Passive image capture; Reflective practice; Teacher training; Reflection

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