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J. Halloran, E. Hornecker, M. Stringer, E. Harris, G. Fitzpatrick:
"The value of values: resourcing co-design of ubiquitous computing.";
International Journal of CoCreation in Design and the Arts, 5 (2009), 4; 245 - 273.

English abstract:
The importance of values in design work is gaining increasing attention.
However, some of the work to date takes an approach which starts with generic
values, or assumes values are constant. Through discussion of three accounts of
value discovery and value evolution in projects focused on exploring novel uses of
ubiquitous computing, we complement current thinking by arguing for the use
of users´ values as a resource in the co-design process. In particular, this paper
shows how users´ values: (a) are spontaneously expressed whether or not
particular elicitation methods are used; (b) are not fixed, but can change
dynamically during the co-design process in response to ideas, prototypes and
demonstrators; (c) help mediate and shape the relationships of users to designers;
(d) can support users´ creative, functional and technical engagement in co-
design - areas that can often prove difficult. Focusing on practical examples that
demonstrate this approach, we conclude that values may act as a central resource
for co-design in a larger variety of ways than has hitherto been recognised.

values; co-design; ubiquitous computing; user-centred design

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