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J. Underwood, R. Luckin, H. Smith, K. Walker, D. Rowland, G. Fitzpatrick, J. Good, S. Benford:
"Reflections on Participatory Science for TELSci2.0";
Talk: Science2.0 for TEL Workshop, Nice (France); 2009-09-29 - 2009-10-02; in: "Proceedings of Science2.0 for TEL Workshop. ECTEL 2009", (2009), 8 pages.

English abstract:
Technology is undoubtedly enabling scientists to do research in interesting new ways. However, Science 2.0 is about more than improved workflows, efficiency and sharing within communities, it also offers opportunities to greatly broaden participation beyond existing scientific communities and bridge between communities. These developments bring significant challenges: we need both scientists and a public that can fully understand and exploit the opportunities for technology enhanced participatory science. In this paper we are interested in pointing to implications for TEL research as participatory science. In order to do this we extrapolate from our work designing participatory science activities with teachers and learners both within and outside of school. We derive guidelines for designing participatory science learning and teaching and reflect on how these guidelines might apply to our own discipline, and the development of participatory TEL research.

Participatory Science, TEL, Science 2.0, e-Science, Web 2.0

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