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M. Jungmann, G. Fitzpatrick:
Talk: Creativity and Cognition 2009, Berkeley, CA; 2009-10-27 - 2009-10-30; in: "Proc Creativity and Cognition 2009", ACM Press, NY (2009), ISBN: 978-1-60558-403-4; 425 - 426.

English abstract:
In this paper, we describe the installation Sim-Suite which
engages members of the public through interactive
experiences based on everyday play strategies and basic
full-body human movement. The underlying concept of
Sim-Suite explores a recombinant approach to cultural
understandings in regards to the social practice of play and
embodiment. Our approach deploys digital technologies to
facilitate human-to-human tangible interaction using
common materials and objects. In this context, the
experience of the physical world is expanded and
reconfigured together with the transient virtual space of play and digital media. virtual space of an evolving digital culture that abstracts,
fragments, dissolves, and recombines furthermore existing
cultural notions with technological achievements. Digital
space is tied to the immateriality of information which, in
the process of becoming embedded in a global culture, has
sacrificed the physicality of the body and replaced it with
the current stage of technological achievement [4]. As these
achievements mature and digital culture evolves, the body
rematerializes in novel ways on a continuing path of shared
language in everyday social engagement. Sim-Suite mimics

Creative Digital Media, Interactive Art, Interaction Design, Embodied Interaction, Games, Tangible Interaction

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