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R. Radis, G. Zickler, M. Stockinger, C. Sommitsch, E. Kozeschnik:
"Interaction of the Precipitation Kinetics of Delta and Gamma' Phases in Nickel-Base Superalloy ATI Allvac 718 Plus";
Materials Science Forum, 638-642 (2010), 2712 - 2717.

English abstract:
In this paper, the precipitation behaviour of delta (Ni3(Nb,Al)) and gammaŽ (Ni3(Al,Ti,Nb)) phases in the nickel-base superalloy ATI Allvac 718Plus, as well as their kinetic interactions are discussed. Important parameters such as volume fraction, mean radius and number density of precipitates are experimentally determined and numerically simulated as a function of the heat treatment parameters time and temperature. To match the experimentally observed kinetics, the predicted interfacial energy of the precipitates, as calculated for a sharp, planar phase boundary, is adjusted to take into account the interfacial curvature and entropic effects of a diffuse interface. Correction functions for the interfacial energies of d as well as gammaŽ precipitates are presented. Using these modified interfacial energies, the calculated results show excellent agreement with the
experimental measurements.

precipitation kinetics, gamma prime, delta, ATI Allvac 718Plus, superalloy

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