Publications in Scientific Journals:

St. Hummel, A. Gross, W.S.M. Werner:
"Richardson - Lucy deconvolution of reflection electron energy loss spectra";
Surface and Interface Analysis, 41 (2009), 357 - 360.

English abstract:
A procedure for deconvolving the energy spread introduced by the primary beam and the analyzer in a reflection electron
energy loss spectrum (REELS) hasbeen developed. Theprocedure is basedonthe Richardson-Lucy (RL) algorithm. The approach
has been successfully tested on experimental spectra by comparisonwith spectrawith an inherent high-energy resolution. As a
typical result, it was found that the effective energy resolution of spectra with a full width halfmaximum (FWHM) of the elastic
peak of "1.5 eV in the raw experimental data can be reduced to "0.7 eV in the deconvoluted spectra.

REELS; deconvolution; Richardson-Lucy

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