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G. Csanyi:
"How to Achieve Transparency by Applying Learning Outcomes with Educational Design?";
Vortrag: S-ICT Conference "Student Mobility and ICT:  Dimensions of transition", Universiteit van Amsterdam; 16.12.2009 - 17.12.2009; in: "Proceedings of Student Mobility and ICT:  Dimensions of Transition", N. Brouwer, B. Giesbers, B. Rienties, L. van Gastel (Hrg.); FEBA ERD Press, Maastricht (2009), ISBN: 978-90-813727-2-5; S. 247 - 254.

Kurzfassung englisch:
One of the obstacles for virtual mobility is the difficulty of mutual recognition of certificates. There have been different efforts to meet this challenge: content-based (syllabus), workload-oriented (ECTS), and qualification-oriented approaches (EQF/NQF). While content and workload are just input-based criteria which donīt provide valid information about a studentīs real competences, the European and national qualification frameworks donīt allow for detailed recognition of single courses or other learning units of short duration.
The shift to the new paradigm of learning outcomes is a very promising approach to a sustainable solution but also a multi-speed development within different countries and institutions. A small number of forerunners are followed by many who have just begun or are still waiting for the start. To support the majority of institutions which are in or before the first phase of the change process a twofold strategy is proposed - based on guidelines for writing and a repository of best practice learning outcomes.

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