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F. Jourda, K. Stieldorf et al. (ed.):
"Urban Loft, EU-Wettbewerb GAU:DI";
TU Wien, Abt. für Raumgestaltung und nachhaltiges Entwerfen, Wien, 2009, ISBN: 978-3-902065-72-8; 161 pages.

English abstract:
Competition programme:
The notion of sustainable development is gaining momentum in Europe and is becoming popular across the continent among groups of architects who are patiently promoting sustainability as the basis of a new rationalism.
Architecture and society are moving on from the deconstructivist formalism of the 1990īs in order to readdress the fundamentals of a project: adequacy in structure, materials, energy and economics.
Addressed with the theoretical tools and techniques of sustainable development, these new projects are creating a renewed model for urban development which, while part of an alternative economic cycle, is becoming an integral part of European architectural and urban culture.
Competition Program
Urban Loft: Working and Living Space in the densified European city

Expansion of an existing urban building as working and living space (max. 300mē) under the criteria of:
. architectural quality, urban impact
. energy zero at lowest grey energy level (transport-infrastructure-recycling)
. carbon zero
. low cost economy

Nachhaltigkeit, Städtebau, Verdichtung, Passivhaus-Standard, Nullenergiehaus, Plusenergiehaus, europäischer StudentINNen-Wettbewerb

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