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J. Bockstefl, A. Redlein:
"Risks and Controls in Facility Management Processes During the Real Estate Utilization Phase";
Hauptvortrag: EFMC - European Facility Management Conference 2009, Amsterdam, The Netherlands; 16.06.2009 - 17.06.2009; in: "EFMC 2009", (2009).

Kurzfassung englisch:
The purpose of the authors´ current research and especially of this paper is to provide a methodology
for facility managers in order to identify and tackle possible business risks during the real estate
utilization phase. The paper documents the current status of the authors´ research.

Methodology / approach
Risk identification is founded on a business process-oriented perspective. This means that so-called
reference processes which were mapped inductively are used as a basis. Subsequently, the reference
models are enlarged by possible key risks and related control activities. Risk identification is done by
means of expert interviews, the analysis of companies´ strategic and operational planning and the
analysis of existing risk check lists.

As an example, the results of the described methods´ application on the "Inspection and maintenance
of facilities and machinery" process is shown.

Research limitations / implications
For further risk management decisions, a closer evaluation of possible risks seems to be necessary,
because the relevance of a single risk is a significant factor. Only when the probability of entry of a
certain risk and the amount of possible damages are known, a differentiation between critical and non-
critical risks is possible. Further research of the authors will therefore focus on these items.

Originality / Value of paper
The amendment of reference processes by possible process risks and the corresponding control resp.
risk management activities shown in the paper should be an advantage for industry as it sharpens risk
awareness and points out possible measures to tackle risks. On the basis of valid risk and control
tables for a certain business process, risk and control check lists could be developed for the use in
business practice.

Process management; Reference process; Risk management; Risk quantification; Inspection and maintenance of facilities and machinery; Research paper

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