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F. Sustr, A. Redlein:
"Economic Effective Implementation Of Fm - Results Of Research";
Vortrag: EFMC - European Facility Management Conference 2009, Amsterdam, The Netherlands; 16.06.2009 - 17.06.2009.

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In the past, analysts used to compare the ROI (Return on Investment) related to objective
oriented economic feasibility studies. The new study aspect of the IFM Institute is to raise a
general approach. In the previous Facility Management (FM) study (2005, 2006) it was
possible to show savings in the sectors of cleaning, service and maintenance, waste
management and power supply. Based on the general approach, a new questionnaire was
designed and a survey (2007) was conducted.
The general question is how to find new statistical models describing the influence of
parameters on the efficiency of FM (cost reduction, increase of productivity and cost drivers).
Not only the effect of single parameters but also the cumulative effects should be taken into
consideration. An additional advantage for series analysis in case of shifts of the markets and
prices (specifically the effects of inflation to the stable Euro) could be conducted.
To answer this, the "Mixed Method Approach" (one qualitative and one quantitative research
step) will be used.
During the first part, the survey analysis, some new parameters as "corporate affiliation";
"status of education"; "age of employees" were collected and analysed.
The second phase will be an extensive qualitative ex post office analysis of the existing
company accounts (P/L and balance sheet) in order to obtain more detailed information.
Additional expert interviews will also take place and based on this research, hypotheses will
be established. The third part - the questionnaire 2008 - will be used to validate these

Facility Management, general approach, Mixed Method, new parameters, profitability of Facility Management, time series analysis

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