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R. Langwieser, C. Angerer, A.L. Scholtz:
"A UHF Frontend for MIMO Applications in RFID";
Talk: 2010 IEEE Radio and Wireless Symposium, New Orleans, USA; 01-10-2010 - 01-14-2010; in: "2010 IEEE Radio and Wireless Symposium", (2010), ISBN: 978-1-4244-4726-8; 4 pages.

English abstract:
The introduction of multi antenna applications in radio frequency identification (RFID) is expected to further improve the capability of RFID systems but requires new or extended simulation and experimental setups. This paper describes a developed analog 2x2 multiple input multiple output (MIMO) frontend for an RFID rapid prototyping system which allows for various realtime experiments to investigate MIMO techniques as beamforming, diversity combining, or localization at the reader. Finally, a measurement example with one transmitter and two receivers is presented for two different tag positions.

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Project Head Christoph Mecklenbräuker:
Christian Doppler Lab "Funktechnologien für nachhaltige Mobilität"

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