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S. Dustdar, I. Jorstad, D. Van Thanh:
"Mobile Multimedia Collaborative Services";
in: "Handbook of Research on Mobile Multimedia", I. Khalil Ibrahim (ed.); Idea Group Publishing, 2006, ISBN: 9781591408666, 414 - 429.

English abstract:
Mobile communication and Web technologies have paved the way for mobile multimedia collaborative services that allows people, team and organisation to collaborate in dynamic, flexible and efficient manner. Indeed, it should be possible to establish and terminate collaborative services with any partner anytime at anywhere on any network and any device. While severe requirements are imposed on collaborative services, their development and deployment should be simple and less time-consuming. The design, implementation, deployment and operation of collaborative services meet challenging issues that need to be resolved. The chapter starts with a study of collaboration and the different collaboration forms. An overview of existing collaborative services will be given. A generic model of mobile collaborative services is explained together with the basic collaborative services. A service oriented architecture platform supporting mobile multimedia collaborative services is described. To illustrate the development of mobile multimedia collaborative service, an example is given.

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