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I. Jorstad, D. Van Thanh, S. Dustdar:
"Personalisation of Next Generation Mobile Services";
Talk: UMICS 2006 co-located with CAISE 2006, Luxembourg; 2006-06-05 - 2006-06-09; in: "Proceedings of the Workshops and Doctoral Consortium CAISE 2006", T. Latour, M. Petit (ed.); Namur University Press, (2006), ISBN: 978-2-87037-525-9; 927 - 941.

English abstract:
As communication technologies are becoming more and more advanced,
the opportunities to deliver improved, user friendly services using these
technologies are increasing. One of the possible ways to improve the services is
to enable personalisation. However, to enable personalisation it is not sufficient
to consider the service on its own as it has been the case until now. It is necessary
to consider personalisation as a higher-layer function, which should span
different services, be it different service instances or different service implementations.
Personalisation should also span different terminal platforms and
different network technologies. It is therefore appropriate to consider personalisation
as a function in the higher-layers of the service platforms, above or integrated
with the existing middleware. This paper provides a precise definition of
personalisation and clarifies how it will be possible to build advanced mobile
services in the future which make extensive use of the personalisation function
to improve the perceived value and quality of these services.

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