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V. Marchenkov, V. Okulov, K.A. Okulova, H. W. Weber:
"Anomalies in the Galvanomagnetic Properties of Fe1.9V1.1Al Pseudogap Semiconductors at High Magnetic Fields";
Journal of Low Temperature Physics, 159 (2010), 208 - 211.

English abstract:
The high-field dependence of the galvanomagnetic properties of Fe1.9
V1.1Al compounds was measured in the temperature range from 2.5 to 100 K and
in magnetic fields of up to 15 T. We observe that the Hall coefficient decreases with
magnetic field, increasingly at low temperatures (2.5-15 K). The magnetoresistivity
is negative, but no saturation occurs at fields of up to 15 T. The observed peculiarities
of the galvanomagnetic properties can be explained theoretically and confirm that
V1.1Al compounds show a pseudogap semiconductor behavior.

High-field galvanomagnetic properties Fe-V-Al compounds Pesudogap

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