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E.b. Marchenkova, V. Marchenkov, N.I. Kourov, V.G. Pushin, A.V. Korolev, H. W. Weber:
"High-Field Galvanomagnetic Properties and Structure of Ni-Mn-Ga Nanocrystalline Alloys with Shape Memory";
Journal of Low Temperature Physics, 159 (2010), 249 - 252.

English abstract:
Ni-Mn-Ga based compounds are of great interest due to their magneto- and
temperature operated shape memory. To obtain new results on their electronic structure,
we studied the low-temperature kinetic properties and the structure of Ni-Mn-Ga
alloys at temperatures T << TM, TC (TM is the temperature of the martensitic transition
and TC the temperature of the magnetic (Curie) transition, which are both close to
room temperature). Ordered (cast) and disordered samples, having a nanocrystalline
substructure, were investigated. The galvanomagnetic and electrical properties were
measured in the temperature interval from 2 to 80 K and in magnetic fields of up to
15 T. We find that the electrical and the high-field properties of these alloys strongly
change due to the transition into the nanocrystalline state.

High-field galvanomagnetic properties Ni-Mn-Ga alloys Shape memory

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