Publications in Scientific Journals:

A. Mahdavi, E. Doppelbauer:
"A performance comparison of passive and low-energy buildings";
Energy and Buildings, 1/2010 (2010).

English abstract:
This paper compares apartments in two residential blocks in Vienna; one passive and the other one lowenergy.
These blocks were constructed simultaneously in the same location and with comparable building
construction features and floor plans. The main difference between the two blocks (other than the higher
thermal insulation level in the passive building) lies in the ventilation system: passive buildings deploy
controlled ventilation, whereas the low-energy buildings rely mostly on user-operated natural (window)
ventilation. We measured indoor environmental conditions (indoor air temperature, relative humidity,
and CO2 concentration) in two units of each block over a period of five months. Additionally, the buildings
were compared in view of operation and embodied energy use, CO2 emissions, and construction costs.

Passive House, Low-Energy House, Indoor Climate, Energy Performance

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