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L. Kirchmaier, R. Blab:
"Improving road friction - The polishing test according to Wehner/Schulze";
Poster: Junior Scientist Conference 2010, Vienna; 07.04.2010 - 09.04.2010; in: "Proceedings of the Junior Scientist Conference 2010", (2010), ISBN: 978-3-200-01797-9; S. 187 - 188.

Kurzfassung englisch:
Skid resistance of dense road surface layers beside the texture profile also depends on the polishing resistance of fine and coarse aggregates. This paper details a new Austrian evaluation background for the polishing resistance of sand using a Wehner/Schulze testing device of the latest design. It will be showed that the polishing resistance between coarse and fine aggregates differs, thus separate requirements for different particle sizes are necessary because only the combination of highly polishing resistant sand and gravel enables a sustainable skid resistance of road surface layers.

polishing resistance, skid resistance, Wehner/Schulze, mineral aggregate, PSV, PWS

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