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A. Michlmayr:
"Event Processing in QoS-Aware Service Runtime Environments";
Talk: Politecnico di Milano, Milan, Italy (invited); 2010-01-29.

English abstract:
Service-oriented Computing (SOC) has recently received attention from both academia and industry. However, current service-oriented solutions are often not as dynamic and adaptable as intended because the publish-find-bind-execute cycle of the SOA model is not always entirely realized. In this talk, we address some of the current challenges we see in SOC research and practice, such as service metadata and querying, as well as dynamic binding, invocation and mediation of services. We introduce the Vienna Runtime Environment for Service-oriented Computing (VRESCo) that aims at addressing these challenges to facilitate engineering of SOC applications.
The main focus of the talk is on event processing in service-oriented systems. The goal is to enable clients to subscribe in order to receive notifications if certain events of interest occur. This can range from basic events (e.g., new service is published) to more complex events and event patterns regarding service invocations and Quality of Service (QoS) attributes. We show how event processing principles have been integrated into VRESCo and give some application scenarios, such as notification-based rebinding, service provenance and QoS/SLA monitoring.

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