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M. Strembeck, U. Zdun:
"An approach for the systematic development of domain-specific languages";
Software: Practice and Experience, Vol. 39 (2009), Issue 15; 1253 - 1292.

English abstract:
Building tailored software systems for a particular application domain is a complex task. For this reason,
domain-specific languages (DSLs) receive a constantly growing attention in recent years. So far the main focus
of DSL research is on case studies and experience reports for the development of individual DSLs, design approaches
and implementation techniques for DSLs, and the integration of DSLs with other software development
approaches on a technical level. In this paper, we identify and describe the different activities that we conduct
when engineering a DSL, and describe how these activities can be combined in order to define a tailored DSL
engineering process. Our research results are based on the experiences we gained from multiple different DSL
development projects and prototyping experiments.

applied software engineering; model-driven software development; domain-specific languages; language engineering

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Project Head Schahram Dustdar:
Compliance-driven Models, Languages, and Architectures for Services

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