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M. Eisterer, H. W. Weber:
"The influence of weak texture on the critical currents in polycrystalline MgB2";
Superconductor Science and Technology, 23 (2010), 034006 - 034010.

English abstract:
The current transport in polycrystalline MgB2 is strongly influenced by the intrinsic anisotropy
of this superconductor. Untextured bulks and wires are macroscopically isotropic, but the grains
retain their anisotropic properties and the field dependence of the critical currents is much
stronger than in isotropic superconductors. Weakly or partially textured tapes are
macroscopically anisotropic, but the anisotropy of the zero resistivity (or irreversibility) field is
smaller than the intrinsic upper critical field anisotropy, γ. The Jc-anisotropy is field and
temperature dependent and can be much larger than γ. The most suitable parameter for the
quantification of the macroscopic anisotropy is, therefore, the anisotropy of the zero resistivity
field. It is difficult to distinguish between a higher degree of texture at a lower intrinsic
anisotropy and a weaker texture at higher anisotropy and hardly possible on the basis of the
field dependence of the critical current anisotropy alone. The knowledge of the upper critical
field is crucial and angularly resolved measurements of either the critical currents or, better, the
resistive in-field transitions are favorable for this purpose.
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