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H. Brandl:
"Semi-empirical design of structures in unstable slopes based in geotechnical monitoring";
in: "Construction - Science and Technic", herausgegeben von: Technische Universität Minsk; Technische Universität Minsk, Minsk, 2009, (eingeladen), ISSN: 1818-9792, S. 41 - 47.

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An economical-technical optimization of retaining structures and foundations of buildings on unstable slopes is primary gained by semi-empirical designs based on the observational method. Most important prerequisites of this methodology are detailed ground investigations, calculations involving parametric studies, and geotechnical monitoring. The residual shear strength has proven to be an essential parameter for deformation prognoses, slope stability assessment and contingency plans. Otherwise severe failures may occure as the case histories in this paper demonstrate.

semi empirical structures; structures in unstable slopes; geotechnical monitoring

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