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R. Prokopec, K. Humer, H. Fillunger, R. Maix, H. W. Weber:
"Mechanical Characterization Of The Iter Mock-Up Insulation After Reactor Irradiation";
Advances in Cryogenic Engineering: Transactions of the Int. Cryogenic Materials Conf. - ICMC, 56 (2010), 155 - 161.

English abstract:
The ITER mock-up project was launched in order to demonstrate the feasibility of an
industrial impregnation process using the new cyanate ester / epoxy blend. The mock-up
simulates the TF winding pack cross section by a stainless steel structure with the same
dimensions as the TF winding pack at a length of 1 m. It consists of 7 plates simulating the
double pancakes, each of them is wrapped with glass fiber / Kapton sandwich tapes. After
stacking the 7 plates, additional insulation layers are wrapped to simulate the ground
insulation. This paper presents the results of the mechanical quality tests on the mock-up
pancake insulation. Tensile and short beam shear specimens were cut from the plates
extracted from the mock-up and tested at 77 K using a servo-hydraulic material testing
device. All tests were repeated after reactor irradiation to a fast neutron fluence of 1x1022
m-2 (E>0.1 MeV). In order to simulate the pulsed operation of ITER, tension-tension
fatigue measurements were performed in the load controlled mode. Initial results show a
high mechanical strength as expected from the high number of thin glass fiber layers, and
an excellent homogeneity of the material.

Fiber reinforced composites, ITER mock-up, Cyanate ester blend, Mechanical behavior, Neutron irradiation

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