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P. K. Gentner, G. Hilton, M. Beach, C. Mecklenbräuker:
"Near and Farfield Analysis of Ultra Wideband Impulse Radio Beamforming in the Time Domain";
in: "2010 IEEE International Conference on Ultra-Wideband", IEEE Xplore, Nanjing, China, 2010, ISBN: 978-1-4244-5306-1, 4 pages.

English abstract:
With our interest to enable beamforming and beamsteering for ultra wideband systems, necessary investigations in the time domain were performed to obtain this goal. We focus on small wideband antennas which can be arranged linear in an array, without consuming much space. In the past we have made time domain measurements in an office scenario and in an anechoic chamber at Bristol University. Within this paper we will present the inverse Fourier transformation of the measured data in Bristol. In the time domain, the characteristics of an ultra wideband impulse radio antenna array are depicted and analyzed in this paper.

uwb, impulse radio, antenna array

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Christian Doppler Lab "Funktechnologien für nachhaltige Mobilität"

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