Scientific Reports:

M. Aurada, D. Praetorius, M. Feischl:
"Different Strategies for the Adaptive FEM-BEM Coupling (Supervisor: M. Aurada, D. Praetorius)";
Report for Bachelor thesis; 2010.

English abstract:
For a nonlinear transmission problem with the 2D Laplacian, we
consider three different FEM-BEM coupling strategies, namely

o the symmetric coupling due to Costabel,
o the Johnson-Nedelec coupling,
o the Bielak-MacCamy coupling.

we recall the continuous and discrete formulations and collect the
mathmatical results available in the current literature. For the
symmetric coupling, we recall two adaptive strategies steered by
the residual error estimator from [Carstensen, Stephan 1995] and the
recently introduced (h-h/2)-type error estimator from [Aurada, Feischl,
Praetorius 2010]. Numerical experiments conclude the work.

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