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D. Palm, W. Sihn:
"Impact of influence factors on logistics planning in the Automotive Industry";
Vortrag: 43rd CIRP International Conference on Manufacturing Systems, Wien; 26.05.2010 - 28.05.2010; in: "Sustainable Production and Logistics in Global Networks", W. Sihn, P. Kuhlang (Hrg.); Neuer Wissenschaftlicher Verlag GmbH Nfg KG, (2010), ISBN: 978-3-7083-0686-5; S. 77 - 84.

Kurzfassung englisch:
Logistics planning in the Automotive Industry has a variety
of tasks with a strong impact on the resulting cost of a
car. Especially during the vehicle development phase before
the start of production (SOP), the logistics planning
determines the resulting costs and the flexibility of the logistics
system in the production phase (after SOP).
Influence factors on the logistics system are constantly
changing not only during planning but also in the production
phase. The paper examines the nature of these influence
factors and the impact of changes on the logistics
system during the planning and the production phase.
It can be noticed, that some influence factors and
changes are neglected during production phase what can
lead to a non-optimized logistics system with higher costs
than necessary. Therefore a new holistic planning model
is introduced.

Logistics planning, automotive industry, integrated planning

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